Why Join?

A questionnaire was recently distributed to members of Court 941 asking them the following questions: 1) What motivated you to join, 2) What you like best about being a Catholic Daughter and 3) What would you say to someone thinking about joining Court 941.

Here are some of their responses:

Question 1: What were your reasons for joining - what motivated you?

Treva Teskey, a member since 2005, said she was new to the area and wanted to meet other Catholic women. She was also interested in their activities.

Carol Hollis, member since 2010, joined because "the ladies were so nice and happy, willing to raise money for charities and help anyone who needed it."

Long-time member Pat Hurley who first joined in 1957 wanted to join a group of women that "have things in common."

Wilma Allen, member since 1988 stated that she decided to join once her children were grown because even though she had been at St. Joseph's for many years, she still didn't know many of the women there.

Question 2: What do you like best about being a Catholic Daughter?

Kimber Johnson, member since 2016, said it well: "The companionship and dedication. There are so many different ways to get involved and many different charities to help out with. And its fun to meet, chat and laugh."

Sue Cameron, member since 2000, says there are "so many spirit-filled women who enhance my life".

Mary Folchert, member since 2018, likes the "legislative involvement and the Circle of Love. Wonderful, helpful and dedicated women seeking the good of the organizaiton and not themselves."

Wilma Allen appreciates the way the group prays for the needs of each other.

Question 3: What would you say to someone who was thinking about joining us? How would you motivate and inspire them?

An unidentified member since 2018 said she would encourage someone to join in order to "grow in their faith, as well as helping others grow in theirs."

Kimber said, "This is an orgainization that doesn't take a lot of time, but has huge rewards. Meeting like-minded women is inspirational and good for the soul. These women have become friends and people I know I can count on. It has strengthened my faith as a Catholic."

Sue also stated that "it is a way to be more involved in your church and your community. It has inspried me to be a better Catholic. The women I have met through the years have definitely helped me grow spiritually."

Wilma suggested that those interested should "be a guest" at an upcoming meeting.

For more information, please feel free to attend one of our events or meetings, talk with any Catholic Daughter, or email us at catholicdaughters941@gmail.com.

As Bev Schaneman says, "You are needed!"