Circle of Love - Leadership

To lead is defined as "the initiative in an action; an example for others to follow." Also, "to cause a person to go with one by holding them by the hand while moving forward."

As members of Court 941, we have the opportunity to learn leadership skills by observing and working with our dedicated Court Officers and then, by following their example, apply these learned talents as a future leader.

As an example, in 2020 our Regent, Rosemary Heaney had to step down because of medical reasons. Court Mount of the Holy Cross #941 would have had to disband without someone stepping up and taking over the regent's position along with several other key positions. Several new members volunteered to apply for these spots. Without their willingness to lead, our court would have been dissolved.

Our goal is always to set an example of a good Catholic Christian woman and be the inspiration for others to follow.